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Press: Scientific American, ACM TechNews, Forbes, TechCrunch, Engadget, Gizmodo, Mashable, The Hill, Wired Italy, New Atlas, SlashGear, Good Day Chicago, Chicago Tribune

Small and easy to attach to any face mask, FaceBit comes with a mobile app that provides a user interface and makes it easy to search. It monitors heart rate without skin contact through ballistocardiography, respiratory rate through temperature changes, as well as mask fit and wear time through pressure signals, all on the device with an energy-efficient runtime system. FaceBit can harvest energy from breathing, movement or sunlight to supplement its tiny primary battery, which alone offers a lifespan of 11 days or more. FaceBit enables the mobile computing community to reinvigorate research into sensing and inference in smart face masks, and provides a sustainable and practical form factor for health management, applicable to frontline workers from COVID-19 and beyond.

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The FaceBit circuit board contains all the energy harvesting, detection and calculation functions demonstrated in..



The facebit firmware enables the device to monitor the wearer’s heart rate using BCG, its..


Companion App

An application for phone and desktop that performs two functions. First, it’s the search tool that lets you interact with..


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