FaceBit: Smart Face Mask Platform

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Small and easily secured into any face mask, FaceBit is accompanied by a mobile application that provides a user interface and facilitates research. It monitors heart rate without skin contact via ballistocardiography, respiration rate via temperature changes, and mask-fit and wear time from pressure signals, all on-device with an energy-efficient runtime system. FaceBit can harvest energy from breathing, motion, or sunlight to supplement its tiny primary cell battery that alone delivers a battery lifetime of 11 days or more. FaceBit empowers the mobile computing community to jumpstart research in smart face mask sensing and inference, and provides a sustainable, convenient form factor for health management, applicable to COVID-19 frontline workers and beyond.



The FaceBit circuit board contains all of the power harvesting, sense, and compute functionality demonstrated in the…


The facebit firmware enables the device to monitor a wearer’s heart rate using BCG, their respiration rate via…

Companion App

A phone and desktop application that serves two purposes. First, it is the research tool that allows interaction with…